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Whats new? The Morphology series is here!

What is morphology?

I began teaching workshops exactly 1 year ago. After my first 6 months it started to become apparent to me that teaching solely pole “tricks” was not the mark that I wanted to leave on the pole world. Pole tricks can be taught and with time they can be learned. But what is a pole trick without the foundation of a solid style of movement? And so I set my sights on figuring out what it was that made me, me. This is where “Morphology” was born. Morphology, in a nutshell, is the ingredient list that I sprinkled into the making of my movement style. It consists of:

  1. Building - At the end of the day we all know that pole asks us to put in the work. Building a style that looks “effortless” requires us to build strength.

  2. Elongating - This principle is about never forgotting that transitions are just as important as tricks are! We can make the most out of them by slowing down or elongating our transitions.

  3. Following through - In sports, it’s important to follow through with our swings because, by doing so, the ball goes further. In pole dance it is important because it allows us to make the most out of our movements. And need not worry—in our tutorials I break this principle down into smaller, more digestible ideas so that this becomes an easy practice for you, at home or in your studio.

In essence these are a few factors that help to make our movement.. exciting, powerful, meaningful. This is what I hope to help you achieve with the Morphology series. scroll down to browse courses and workouts.



Together you and I will break down pieces of choreography to ensure that you have a firm grasp on all the elements while building an extensive skill set. These courses will encourage you to find a flow that is unique to you.



Workout on and off the pole! Take your fitness journey to the next level with my favorite workouts.



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